Incentive Segeltörn
Incentive Segeltörn
Aurelia e.V. Verein für wissenschaftliche Bildung
Aurelia e.V. Verein für wissenschaftliche Bildung

partners and friends of Aurelia European Academic Networking

Our Aurelia European Academic Networking and our blue study programs are an outstanding example of an easy going way for more practice in environmental education for more sustainable development. Thousands of pupils from Switzerland, The Netherlands, Austria, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Germany are running the blue study programs every year since we founded in 2010.


Its time to say THANKS to all our wonderful AEAN-partners in Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, Austria, Monaco and Croatia for welcoming our groups and sharing their exciting world with our youngsters!

Be part of a blue study program is more then a school-trip normally means and offers!


We are proud to be kind of educational jount venture to raise up equally the understanding of nature and human being as well.

Together, we create accessible science for everyone. We aim for understanding of the wonderful wildlife, the soul of plants, the philosophical and emotional impact of breathtaking nature - given to us to make us more sensitive for the world we are all living in.

We listen to the inhabitants of the seas, whose voices only the waves brings to our beaches. There are tasks that need to be solved.

We believe in creativity for key-competence! We need more imagination in the fight for sustainability and resource conservation.

Our blue study programs combine knowledge, enthusiasm and practice. For us, the term "applied science" also means a challenge for more creativity: in dealing with nature, the environment, society and ourselves.

The learning modules developed by us are at the same time a stimulus for interdisciplinary ways of thinking, a handbook for scientific work in the wild and a guideline for practice and independent learning.

but: "The mediator between brain and hands must be the heart!" We make your heart beat - for alpine wilderness, for more nature in the cities, for colorful underwater worlds, for oceans and vegetation that give our blue planet the breath of life we ​​all need!

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