Incentive Segeltörn
Incentive Segeltörn
Aurelia e.V. Verein für wissenschaftliche Bildung
Aurelia e.V. Verein für wissenschaftliche Bildung

#perilmare - campaign to protect the sea

We protect the mediterranean sea

- per il mare -

Our partners are NGOs, engaged in cleaning up the sea from marine litter, ghost net and lost fishing gears. This is the mission we need to protect marine animals and seabirds. We all know about - so get up and be part of the #perilmare community!


Your bracelet will be more then jewelry - its a sign of your personal contribution for the beloved mediterranean sea. Finest Murano glass-pearl from the famous Scuola di Vetro Abate Zanetti Venezia grace our bracelets. Amazing and shimmering symbol for the blue world.

With your purchase you make a dream come true: Saving the mediterranean sea while changing marine litter into lucky charme jewelry. The cool bracelet for surfers, divers, saviors and lovers.

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