Incentive Segeltörn
Incentive Segeltörn
Aurelia e.V. Verein für wissenschaftliche Bildung
Aurelia e.V. Verein für wissenschaftliche Bildung

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partner for sustainable education - certification

Turn your offers with our educational programs into an opportunity: Take free of charge the added value of "Education for Sustainable Development". Stand on the side of those who preserve the sustainability and beauty of the Blue Planet!
The United Nations is anchoring education for sustainable development (17 goals) as an international development goal in the 2030 Global Sustainability Agenda. Education itself is a key prerequisite for sustainable development.

Travelling forms!

What could be nicer than experiencing by traveling! To enable young people to filter the information they need from a flood of information and touristical offers, to act sustainably and to make useful decisions, that is our mission. We, as education specialists, have been developing modules, games, team rallies and working materials for learning at extra-curricular locations and while traveling.
We do this with all our creativity and passion for more then 11 years.

We turn experiences into results!

Get involved in education and sustainability and become actors for sustainable education. This certification  is free of charge.

Your advantages as a tour operator or accommodation provider

  • Your travelers and guests get access to our education center, in which numerous impulse downloads are available on the subject of travel, history of travel, sustainability, travel as a geographical method, travel as a group and much more.
  • Your travelers and guests receive our educational package as an exciting introduction to their travel planning before the tour or take the time during train, bus or flight transfer or during their stay in your house.
  • Our educational package is an ideal and convenient handout for all teachers and group leaders, since valuable modules are available for free selection for all subject areas of natural sciences, general education and community studies and the humanities.
  • The impulse downloads can be used flexibly at every destination and can be played from class level 8 of all school types up to high school level as well as for technical and professional school groups.
  • on your website ....By ordering a fee-based module, a blue study program or an eco activity from Aurelia eV, your travelers can design their travel program and deepen the topic of ecology and sustainability after the start with the impulse downloads in the desired intensity. Team Aurelia eV takes over the entire program advice and of course the disposition!
  • You will be named and listed as "actors for sustainable education" on our website as certified
  • We recommend you as an excellent quality partner to our customers and interested parties
Profitieren Sie, zugunsten all Ihrer Kunden, Gäste und Reisenden, von "actors for sustainable education". Zeigen Sie Flagge, als nachhaltiger Bildungspartner! E-Mail